ECE : Branch of endless opportunities to Learn.

Every moment is a fresh beginning. by T.S. Eliot

Hey There !! Tech Mates today I am going to share my Views on my own Discipline, ECE : Electronics and Communication Engineering, 😄 Yes, you all are aware of the Acronym ECE, but still I should not any doubt left behind and here it is.

So, I Completed my B. Tech in Year 2018, way before the pandemic (COVID -19 ) has knocked us out. I enjoyed my College life a lot and thereby I Missed the actual feel of all the subjects which Open My eyes every now and then when I study these Subjects (DISCLAIMER : people tends to hate Text Books 📚) but I found that unless you dig deep or dive in you may never know the depth the subject has to offer.

Today, We are in May 2021, weathered the pandemic for 1+ year and now facing another trouble in front of us that it to Keep our 🧠 Brain Active, and Focus oriented 🎯.

The Opportunities in ECE are tremendous, start by quoting a few:

  1. GATE: National level Exam held every year in INDIA, Make or break fate of Lakhs of aspirants. Qualify the Exam you can call yourself a KNIGHT.
  2. PSU’s : Public Sector units, Govt. Bodies Recruiting Thru GATE or their Self EXAMS.
  3. AE/JE Exams : All INDIA state level entry into various govt. bodies through their own exams.


I feel everybody should be aware of the opportunities they may have in their hands while pursuing anything which will be a deciding factor of their career.

I Myself has Attempted GATE 21 in order to Pursue Higher Degree Education, and felt great when I saw the result. I Secured 32/100 Marks, there is nothing to boast about but it gives me sense of accountability that beholds my future.

with my Experience in IT industry of 2+ Years and My ECE Knowledge, I would like to share more with my Juniors, Fellow Mates and Simply for all those who would like to Expand their Knowledge in Key areas of Electronics.

NEXT Story : What to start and from where to Start

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An avid Tech Mate who 💓Puzzles ,♟Chess, 🚀Physics,➕Mathematics, 🗞Current affairs & Blogs about Electronics stuff being an EC Er. 🎓, welcomes Open Challenges.

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