What to Start, From where to Start

Smalll Daily improvements over time create stunning Results

Hey there !! Tech Mates, while reading this, one question will continuously hover over your mind until you get a solution, which is Whether my (your own) strategy to achieve my Goal is inline with my Vision 🎯.

This being said, I would like you all to understand Why Goal setting and planning is a pre-requisite for perennial success.

In our life at some point of time, we have managed our daily schedules gracefully and multiple times we have faced the downward hill but that should not hold us back, as if you make just a little progress everyday you will accumulate a pile of great knowledge bank in your Head.

Everybody has different Goals which they pursue in their life, but one thing which is vital, includes your Vision 🎯 .

So, here is the list of things I do in order to get myself aligned with my Goal and Vision.

  1. Visualize your Vision Statement. ( You can sit in a Room, on your favorite couch 🛋 eyes closed and living the moment). This can give you a head start that in which Direction you should Proceed.
  2. Set your Goal Statements as per your Vision and Bifurcate them into Yearly, Half- Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and at last Daily. (There is further Bifurcation exist in hours as well which can eventually make you discipline enough.) ⚠ CAUTION : There Should be Always room for Relax and Buffer Period in your Planning and Keep one thing also in your Mind :


3. Use of Tracking Apps, Different people opt for multiple things, as markets has tons to offer. I Prefer Notion above all.

Few More apps includes: Google Calendar, Todoist, Pomodro etc.

4. Reading Newspaper 🗞 to make myself updated and Vocab Rich .

5. Do Meditation 🧘‍♀️ : To be in a calm state of mind, To Focus on important things.

6. Read Text Books 📚 pertaining to my Discipline.

After Setting your Vision Statement and listing down your Goals in long term as well as Short Term you already won the battle in Mind. The Next part is Execution or you may call as Journey 🛣 . The Toughest thing lies here only that you can eliminate simply by tracking yourself and introspecting yourself every week and make necessary amendments in order to reach your Milestones it is easier Said than done but I do rely on Introspection as it Provides you clear path where you went wrong, where things require attention, and the things which are going smoothly /flawlessly.

By the time you have reached here you may feel that what I told is already known to you, and you are simply unable to follow it or you might be following it but you end up stop doing it after a while.

The answer to above statement is Consistency and Excitement. All you need to do is to focus on baby steps you make while progressing and be excited about what you are going to achieve in coming days, weeks etc.(depends on your Goal)

So Until Now, what you have done is

  1. You know what to Start, have a desired Vision accompanied by your Goals.
  2. Motivation to Get started and ready for your journey towards the Apex of accomplishments you desire.


What to Start : Start Visualizing different aspects of your career.

Where to Start: Start by Planning and afterwards indulging yourself in your Journey of perennial success.

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Nishant Sharma

An avid Tech Mate who 💓Puzzles ,♟Chess, 🚀Physics,➕Mathematics, 🗞Current affairs & Blogs about Electronics stuff being an EC Er. 🎓, welcomes Open Challenges.